Special Edition Mix CD vol 2 mixed by DJ Cuffy

1. SGNY - Music
2. Cuffy & Leon D - Slyboom
3. ReactorMusic - Calibre'98
4. Reed and Radley - Booty ReactorDub
5. Sun Valley All Stars - Fall Down
6. Cuffy& LeonD - Free Livin'
7. ReacorMusic - Rainy Day
8. Stereopeople vs Musicpeople
9. Reed and Radley - Tears over the Years
10. Sun Valley All Stars - You Make Me Wanna


Roger Perry and Joost Langeveld present: Sun Valley Sound Vol2
1. Magik Johnson - Dustys Problem
2. Sun Valley All-stars - Fall Down
3. Reed & Radley - Tears Over The Years
4. Cuffy & LeonD - Your Love
5. Soane - Song for Sesilia
6. ReactorMusic - Here We Come
7. Daniel Ward - Filthy
8. Craig Harris & Tim Richards - Wildlife Cook St Dub
9. ReactorMusic - Rainy Day
10. Subware - Move Back


Reliable Recordings presents SunValley Sound CD Compilation unmixed
Compilation of the freshest productions from the Reliable stable.
Featuring tracks from Dick 'Magik' Johnson, DJ Joshua, ReactorMusic, Cuffy & Leon D, Subware, RhythmPlate and much more (in CD DJ friendly unmixed format!!)


Subware - My Affection (original and Ken Cloud & Pocket remixes) 12" vinyl
My Affection < original and instrumental versions> and My Affection < Ken Cloud & Pocket Club and Dub mixes>.


Subware - Subware CD album
Subware debut full length CD album 2002.


Subware - Come On remixes (ReactorMusic/Slyguys) 12" vinyl
Come On < ReactorMusic Remix>, Come On (SubDub) and Come On (SlyGuys edit).


Cuffy&LeonD - Slyboom/19c Trumpet 12" vinyl Debut release from Cuffy&LeonD, very talented music makers with a huge future.


Phully - You're Mine 12" vinyl Debut EP release from fine Auckland producer DJ Phully.


Subware - Disco Hoopla/Come On 12" vinyl Disco Hoopla < Greg Churchill Remix>, Disco Hoopla (original) and Come On (original).


Cuffy & Leon D/PJames/W 12" vinyl Cuffy & Leon D - ms.Emma Peel, PJames - Nu Life and W - Sold Two.


ReactorMusic/PhullyFunctionF 12" vinyl
ReactorMusic - Calibre98, DJ Phully - Live Bro and Function_F - Subsystem.


Algorhythm 2 CD
2000 compilation of NZ house music finest examples. Features ReactorMusic, Subware, Cuffy & Leon D, KHP and Mark deClive-Lowe and Others.


Algorhythm CD
1999 compilation of NZ house music finest examples. Features House of Downtown, Subware, Greg Churchill and others.